Schroder International Alpha Fund

Fund Information

Fund Information

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Ticker Symbol SCIEX SCVEX
CUSIP 808088207 808088710
Inception Date 12/19/1985 5/15/2006
Fund Assets N/A N/A


Investment Objective

Schroder International Alpha Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation through investment in securities markets outside the United States.

Fund Overview

  • Investment style uses a bottom-up, growth-oriented strategy for stock evaluation
  • Fundamental, research-driven approach to identify quality growth companies with:
    • Attractive medium-term growth and valuation
    • Quality management and financial position
    • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Concentrated, "best-ideas" portfolio typically composed of 40 - 60 stocks blending core and opportunistic holdings

Management Team*

  • Lead portfolio manager Simon Webber
    • Over 15 years investment experience
    • Joined Schroders in 1999, portfolio manager on the fund since 2010
  • Team of 11 global sector specialists and fund managers dedicated to global growth equities
  • Global sector specialists centralized in London draw upon work of more than 70 locally based research analysts in 11 countries


  • Simon Webber, CFA
    Schroder International Alpha Fund - Since 2010

    Mr. Webber became Lead Portfolio Manager for Global and International Equities at the Schroders organization in October 2013; prior to then, he served as a Portfolio Manager at the Schroders organization. He has been associated with SIMNA Ltd. since 1999.


Fund Facts (As of March 1, 2014)

 Investor SharesAdvisor Shares
Minimum Investment $250,000 $2,500
Min. Subsequent Inv $1,000 $1,000
Management Fees 0.80% 0.80%
Distribution (12b-1) Fee NONE 0.25%
Other Expenses 0.30% 0.28%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses 1.10% 1.33%
Less: Expense Reimbursement1 (0.15)% (0.03)%
Net Annual Fund Operating Expenses 0.95% 1.30%


Daily Price (As of N/A)

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Share Price/NAV N/A N/A
Change N/A N/A